Sunday quotes 

Quotes .

Things that always seem to feel like they pop up right when you need them most or you can relate whole heartedly when your feeling something or you’ve just been through an intense situation.

I swear they have chips in our heads and when we need something to relate to, one of these quotes just pop up !!

*and there really accurate most of the time * 

So I have decided to dedicate Sunday posts  with some quotes I find around the place and see what you guys think of them , and I would love to hear about quotes that really resonates with you.

People want to feel closer to something , but at the same time they are trying to get away. That is the kind of place we live in.

No one knows where they are going.

Everyone is finding themselves as they go.

R.m. Drake 

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Happy Sunday !! 

Peace out lemons 🍋 



Where would people be without the little help of a journal. 

Man these things are glorious , there the best friend that anyone likes and the one person who has so many unique relationships with each and every person , never shares secrets and let’s you say whatever you want and never disputes it.

Let’s you pour out every emotion , thought , feeling , drawing whatever you like , and it’s wonderful.

I’m a massive advocate for journals, but I must say I have started like over 30 of them and only in the last 2 years have I actually committed to it, I’m not one to write in it everyday but when a picture or quote or just when I’m feeling an intense emotion , I write it down to remind myself of how much I have grown after each page I use . It’s like old school tumblr !!

I’m a person who has so many thoughts in my head that sometimes it’s overwhelming , and sometimes there just down right weird , so I write them down as a memento , and when I feel like reminiscing or  when I really trust someone and  I really want them to fully understand me I let them look at it , and then they have that “uh-ah” moment and tell me it makes so much sense , and we just laugh hahah.

If you’ve never tried one , just have a go , you have free range on whatever you put in to it  or what it looks like , and see what it does for you . Id love to know how it goes for the first time users and also people who have been using it for years !!

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Job hunting woes 

e You’ve got your degree , diploma etc, and your ready to go find a job to get you started in your industry Yay !

^^ what all lectures and parents say to you
But it is so damn hard to get into the industry ( by industry I mean the events industry) , I’ve been out and looking for about 6 months now and although that isn’t a very long time ,these past couple of months have sucked super bad . Looking at job advertisements and looking at requirements needed and the first thing they always put on it is minimum requirement of a least 2-5 years of paid working experience ( I’m not saying that all job ads are like this but the ones that I’ve been looking at have said it more or less) and recently ( yesterday) my friend Rachel and I  got an email from a previous work experience employer about a job opportunity, to do what we did last year with her , won’t bore you with the details .
So we were both up for a healthy friendship competition and she got her interview time before me and went to her interview and basically came out with the notion that at this moment and time finding a job in events is not a easy as we thought it would be ( never thought it was going to be easy in the first place but ) so it got both of us thinking , what do we do know ?

Well …

We can either open our own business at home start off small build a client basis doing little event gigs


She can fall back on her HR diploma and try and find a job in that sector which is highly more likely that she will , but that leaves me with my own question ,


So after spending a couple of hours googling jobs near me and tips about getting into the industry , I ask this question of you .

What do you do when you hit a rut in job hunting in your dream job ?

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*sorry about the unforeseen e just chillin’ in front of my sentence tried to delete it but it chucked a hissy fit and deleted my posts every time I try to exterminate it*

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Starting off …

Honestly didn’t think I’d ever use a blog .
But recently I’ve wanted to share my experiences in my life to others if they want to read it or not . I’ll be writing about a lot of different topics and events that occur in my life , to put my opinion / woes of life out there , creating some discussion points and using help to make decisions.
If you enjoy someone ranting about issues or experiences in life , this is a blog that may or may not interest you but that’s up to you !