Far too long ….

Hi guys , 

Hope you all are doing well ! 

It has been almost 4 months since I last posted on here, and to be honest I knew it may happen . I’m not gonna sugar coat anything at all , but I am a massive procrastinator when it comes to things like this. Finding the time to sit and write every now and again can be really hard especially when you get writers block (not saying I’m a professional writer ) but I had it for a while where everything in my everyday life was the same for around 2 months. 

All I did was at home reading watching Netflix . because I was out of work I found it hard to get motivation to write and to express myself so I just ended up not writing on here and just letting time pass by.

A shit tonne (excuse my French ) has happened in the last 2 months , I am currently employed again at a sturdy company with some lovely people. I met some incredible people and learned a lot of lessons on the way as well .

But what I have encounter was something I thought I would never / wanted to go through again and it happens all the time and I get that but it really didn’t want it to happen . 

Don’t know if some of you read a previous post of mine where I spoke about a guy friend in my life where I’ve spent the best part of 10 years trying to get his acceptance and to finally feel like I was getting somewhere with him on a friendship level and it turns out that I just had to accept the fact that his version of a friendship was always going to be different to mine . 

But it did.

And I’ve only come to terms with it as I’ve been writing all of this that its some what of a simaor situation in where I was only looking at it from my side and not theirs. It’s strange how previous experiences can help when you look back on them again.

I want to end this on a happy note , I’m using the rest of this year to find my true self and develop my person to the person I’ve wanted to be all along , I may write from time to time but I’m not going to be posting ever day. I will document my journey as best i can because I find expressing things on this helps me understand myself better .

I hope you all are enjoying the jolly season as it is coming upon us!!

Will write again soon , but until then peace out lemons 🍋