Sunday quotes 

Quotes .

Things that always seem to feel like they pop up right when you need them most or you can relate whole heartedly when your feeling something or you’ve just been through an intense situation.

I swear they have chips in our heads and when we need something to relate to, one of these quotes just pop up !!

*and there really accurate most of the time * 

So I have decided to dedicate Sunday posts  with some quotes I find around the place and see what you guys think of them , and I would love to hear about quotes that really resonates with you.

People want to feel closer to something , but at the same time they are trying to get away. That is the kind of place we live in.

No one knows where they are going.

Everyone is finding themselves as they go.

R.m. Drake 

Comment below 🌀

Happy Sunday !! 

Peace out lemons 🍋 


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