Where would people be without the little help of a journal. 

Man these things are glorious , there the best friend that anyone likes and the one person who has so many unique relationships with each and every person , never shares secrets and let’s you say whatever you want and never disputes it.

Let’s you pour out every emotion , thought , feeling , drawing whatever you like , and it’s wonderful.

I’m a massive advocate for journals, but I must say I have started like over 30 of them and only in the last 2 years have I actually committed to it, I’m not one to write in it everyday but when a picture or quote or just when I’m feeling an intense emotion , I write it down to remind myself of how much I have grown after each page I use . It’s like old school tumblr !!

I’m a person who has so many thoughts in my head that sometimes it’s overwhelming , and sometimes there just down right weird , so I write them down as a memento , and when I feel like reminiscing or  when I really trust someone and  I really want them to fully understand me I let them look at it , and then they have that “uh-ah” moment and tell me it makes so much sense , and we just laugh hahah.

If you’ve never tried one , just have a go , you have free range on whatever you put in to it  or what it looks like , and see what it does for you . Id love to know how it goes for the first time users and also people who have been using it for years !!

Comment below 🌀

Peace out lemons 🍋


7 thoughts on “Journals 

  1. I’ve had so many journals & have never finished one either lol the only time I ever want to write about anything is when I vent and I want them to be happy journals if that makes any since. I’ve been trying to write in them more so I can go back and look at them when I’m older but I guess that’s one of the things I’m going to do with this blog!


  2. Throughout my life I think I’ve had like 5. U fortunately I’ve never been able to finish a single one, in part it’s because almost always I have my phone with me and this means that if an idea comes to mind, and my journal is not near me, I write everything on my phone’s notepad.

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