Job hunting woes 

e You’ve got your degree , diploma etc, and your ready to go find a job to get you started in your industry Yay !

^^ what all lectures and parents say to you
But it is so damn hard to get into the industry ( by industry I mean the events industry) , I’ve been out and looking for about 6 months now and although that isn’t a very long time ,these past couple of months have sucked super bad . Looking at job advertisements and looking at requirements needed and the first thing they always put on it is minimum requirement of a least 2-5 years of paid working experience ( I’m not saying that all job ads are like this but the ones that I’ve been looking at have said it more or less) and recently ( yesterday) my friend Rachel and I  got an email from a previous work experience employer about a job opportunity, to do what we did last year with her , won’t bore you with the details .
So we were both up for a healthy friendship competition and she got her interview time before me and went to her interview and basically came out with the notion that at this moment and time finding a job in events is not a easy as we thought it would be ( never thought it was going to be easy in the first place but ) so it got both of us thinking , what do we do know ?

Well …

We can either open our own business at home start off small build a client basis doing little event gigs


She can fall back on her HR diploma and try and find a job in that sector which is highly more likely that she will , but that leaves me with my own question ,


So after spending a couple of hours googling jobs near me and tips about getting into the industry , I ask this question of you .

What do you do when you hit a rut in job hunting in your dream job ?

Comment below 🌀

*sorry about the unforeseen e just chillin’ in front of my sentence tried to delete it but it chucked a hissy fit and deleted my posts every time I try to exterminate it*

Peace out lemons 🍋


4 thoughts on “Job hunting woes 

  1. Hitting a rut huh? Try something different I suppose, are there conferences or meet ups you could go to network? Maybe find 3 or 4 top employers, find key contacts of those employers on linked in?


  2. I have two college-age sons and this is a fear they both have. One is in physical therapy and the other pre-med. I am not familiar with your area but while you are searching try doing a few events of your own to get your name out there.


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